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    1. Welcome to Dongguan Yuhua Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd.!

      Automatic mobile phone speaker production line KY-MSL-F22

      Device Parameter List

      Product Features

      1. It is suitable for the assembly of finished products of various mobile phone speakers and receivers;
      2.It can realize the automatic assembly and bonding of the magnetic circuit part, the voice coil sound film part, the bracket, and the back cover, automatic welding line, and automatic test;
      3. Eliminate artificial errors, ensure product consistency, reduce dependence on skilled workers, reduce training costs, and save labor costs in off-peak season;
      4. High-precision fixtures made of aviation aluminum materials greatly guarantee the yield rate;
      5. The body is welded and polished with thickened profiles to ensure the integrity and firmness of the equipment, increase the service life of the equipment, and reduce maintenance costs;
      6. The equipment structure is carefully designed, the change is convenient and the cost is low;

      Device Features
      1. Using a high-precision dispensing system, the amount of glue is adjusted accurately and conveniently, and various ways of glue application can be realized;
      2. The use of high-precision sensor detection technology, CCD image detection system, intelligent judgment of glue leaks, glue break;
      3. Adopt international well-known brand pneumatic accessories as the main driving accessories, the performance is more stable;
      4. Using imported PLC + human-machine interface control, the program is more humanized, and the operation and operation are more convenient;
      5. Compact structure, small equipment size, save space, fast running speed and low noise;
      6. Adhering to the concept of energy saving and consumption reduction, the automation equipment developed and designed saves electricity and gas, and can save a lot of costs for long-term use

      Contact Us

      Dongguan Yuhua Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd.

      Cooperation and consultation:188-1908-1126 199-7970-7883

      R & D Center:2nd Floor, Building 13, Songshan Lake SME Technology Park, Dongguan

      Marketing reception center:Room 1912-1914, 19th Floor, Hongyuan Xinzhihui, Songshan Lake Science and Technology Road 5, Dongguan City

      Jiangxi factory:No. 25, Chengxin Avenue, Xinfeng County Industrial Park, Ganzhou, Jiangxi


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